Marketer Interviews with Senior Level Marketing Executives

Marketer Insights to Help You Better the Marketing of Your Own Business and the Relationships You Have with Your Agencies

And to Help Us Conduct Better Agency Searches for You

In an effort to learn about different industries’ needs and challenges and to help other marketers better the way they manage their businesses, we have created “The Marketer’s Edge”, a series of interviews with senior level marketers published weekly on this site and on RSW/AgencySearch’s YouTube channel.

Every week, Mark Sneider, RSW/AgencySearch’s President interviews a senior level marketer to gain insights about the marketer’s business, their marketing practices, and their agency relationships.

In addition to helping marketers better their overall performance, the series is designed to help marketing agencies better their relationships with their clients and help them win more new business.

Interviews will cut across multiple categories, from B2B marketers, to healthcare marketers, to consumer products marketers, just to name a few.  Mark Sneider is a former marketer himself and has worked in the industry for the  past 35 years.  He received his Masters in Marketing and Economics from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in ’89.

Mark takes pride in the  preparation he puts into every marketer interview.  He tries to dig deep to get at the issues that will be most relevant and helpful to his marketing and agency audiences.