Today’s Interview:

Min Choi, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Germania Insurance, based out of Brenham, Texas.

Welcome to another episode of The Marketer’s Edge, a series designed to share senior level marketing perspective about marketer challenges, opportunities, and agency relationships. Today, we are talking with Min Choi, the EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Germania Insurance, based out of Brenham, Texas.  Min is a 25-year veteran of the insurance industry.

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Our goal is to help marketers learn from other marketers across different industries and to help provide perspective for agencies about the things marketers deal with every day, to help them better represent their clients and win new business.

What We Discussed:

In today’s interview with Min, we discussed the differences in managing marketing for an insurance brand, versus something like a consumer packaged goods brand – and how in his world he needs to not only create goodwill and interest among the end consumers, but he has to motivate brokers to want to recommend Germania.  No easy task for sure!

And when I asked Min about the things they did during the pandemic that was different than pre-pandemic, that he might keep up post-pandemic, he gave me somewhat of an unexpected answer.  Unexpected, but very refreshing and uplifting.

We also discussed Min’s thoughts about the future of insurance, and how driver-less vehicles and the absurd changes in weather patterns will impact how insurance companies operate longer-term.

And one of the last things we discussed was Min’s perspective relative to agencies and the kinds of things he looks for and expects from a new agency.  Some good perspective that could be helpful to agencies looking to connect with guys like Min.

Some great insights across a wide range of topics for sure!

Thanks Min Choi for a great interview!

A little bit about Min:

Min’s passion is in developing creative solutions for the ever changing sales market.

He focuses on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and increase productivity. He enjoys working with his team, helping them develop personally and professionally.

Min has been in his current role at Germania for nearly 5 years.  Prior to Germania, Min spent 21 years at Mercury Insurance.

Min is a graduate of University of California, Riverside.