Welcome to another episode of The Marketer’s Edge, a series designed to share senior level marketing perspective about marketer challenges, opportunities, and agency relationships. Our goal is to help marketers and agencies learn from other marketers across different industries. Today we are speaking with Liz Mumford, VP Marketing/PR at Dutch Point Credit Union, in Wethersfield, CT.

Dutch Point Credit Union

Dutch Point Credit Union was founded in 1960 by a group of Hartford Electric Light Company (HELCO) employees. In October of that year, Dutch Point Credit Union received its State Charter and began operations out of the HELCO office on Pearl Street, later transferring to Sheldon Street in Hartford. Their name was derived from the Hartford Dutch Point Power Plant constructed in 1904. Today, Dutch Point Credit Union is a Connecticut credit union with more of than 23,000 members and assets over $450 million.

What We Discussed:

In today’s interview with Liz Mumford, we discussed a wide variety of issues:

  • The kind of credit union Dutch Point is and Liz’s role within it.
  • Liz’s 35-year career at Dutch Point and why she enjoys working there.
  • The biggest challenges Dutch Point has faced in the last 5-10 years.
  • How Dutch Point differentiates itself from other credit unions and how this has changed over the years.
  • How Dutch Point managed to maintain high consumer engagement during the pandemic.
  • The evolution of the credit union’s marketing strategies over the years.
  • How Liz utilizes PR in her role and supports the credit union.
  • The role of data analytics in her position and consumer expectations regarding modern banking.
  • Liz’s predictions for the future of the banking/credit union industry.
  • How she manages being a one-person marketing team.
  • Advice for marketers considering partnering with an agency for the first time.
  • Any advice she would give to an agency looking to win business from her.

Thanks Liz for a great interview!

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