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We help marketers find and secure lasting relationships with
best-in-class marketing agencies.

We get paid via the winning agency, so it costs clients like you nothing to benefit from our services.
We have managed over 40 searches for top brands since our founding in 2010.

We’ve Helped Great Brands
Find Great Marketing Agencies

What Makes Us Different and Better?

  • We bring a unique and highly successful model to the industry.
  • We know the agency world better than anyone, so we know how to “read” agencies.
  • We take a case study approach when screening agencies, so we dig deeper, faster.
  • We save you the time and headache of managing the process yourself. We make it easy!
  • And we don’t cost you anything. We get a small commission from the winning agency.

What Our Marketing Clients Say About Working With Us

“RSW/AgencySearch did a great job of finding the perfect agency for our business.  The winning agency identified by RSW/AgencySearch was the absolute right fit for my needs.”

“Working with RSW/AgencySearch, we were able to save time and money while also finding a great marketing agency partner.”

“The team at RSW/AgencySearch made the process of selecting a new firm very easy.  I would recommend RSW/AgencySearch to anyone looking to find a new agency.”

“RSW/AgencySearch provided an excellent list of agency choices that led to our final selection.”

“RSW/AgencySearch managed a very well-organized and effective search for us. Great job RSW/AgencySearch!”

“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical coming in — particularly given they were free.  But they vetted agencies thoroughly to only bring the best set of firms to the table.  Would definitely recommend them to any marketer.”

“It was great working with RSW/AgencySearch.  They worked diligently to provide us with a list of qualified agencies and ultimately we were able to find a great marketing partner.”

“I worked with RSW/AgencySearch on two separate occasions in two separate companies and in both cases, they delivered a great set of agencies during the search!  The process was simple and effective and saved us so much time.”

“Mark was hands-on and made the process of finding a new agency so painless and simple.  His process was organized and professional.”

“Mark put together a very professional and comprehensive search plan, which led us to hiring a prominent firm.”

Blog: Finding Better Agencies

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    Some in the marketing agency business call the end of a year and into the first part of a new year: Silly Season. They call it that because they feel that marketers at times irrationally mix-up their agency portfolios just because they feel it’s the thing to do…and don’t always have good justification for making...

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    The In-house Conversation – Minus The Glitz Most of the conversation around marketing trends centers on the “flashier” parts of the industry: let’s be honest, big-budget Super Bowl ads with all their glitz are going to draw a couple more eyeballs than a well-executed print buy. Which is why it was refreshing to see Marketing...

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    Having played in the Agency-Client Relationship space now for the past 16 years, I’ve seen it all. We work with 50+ different agencies across the nation and talk to 1000’s every month.  I’ve seen agency principals sing the praises of great client relationships and have seen agency principals decry the nasty client who treats them...

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    Drop clevelandguardians into your favorite browser and here is what see what you’ll find: While the Cleveland Indians baseball team would have liked for you to find their new logo when completing a clevelandguardians search…no such luck. It’s not the new and improved Cleveland Indians you’re finding…it’s a roller derby team located in Cleveland! The...

  • Going for the Gold Agency Search
    by Mark Sneider on August 12, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    At RSW/AgencySearch, we strive to be the gold standard of agency search consultants. What constitutes a gold medal agency search? Ok, so maybe we’re a few weeks late on the Olympics theme, but the time is always right to give away some medals. Not all searches are created equal, and we’ve spoken with a lot...

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    If you’re thinking about looking for a new, best-in-class agency, be careful, as it can be a daunting task. Marketers struggle with the task of finding a new marketing agency for a few reasons: They simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a search They don’t know where to look for best-in-class firms They’re...