Welcome to another episode of The Marketer’s Edge, a series designed to share senior level marketing perspective about marketer challenges, opportunities, and agency relationships. Our goal is to help marketers and agencies learn from other marketers across different industries.  Today, we are talking with Pete Buscani the EVP, Marketing at LaRosa’s, Inc. LaRosa’s is the leading pizzeria and Italian restaurant in the Greater Cincinnati area.

At LaRosa’s they know that a restaurant is only as good as the food it serves, and thousands of their Guests agree that LaRosa’s food simply can’t be beat.

What We Discussed:

In today’s interview with Pete, we discussed a wide variety of issues:

  • The degree to which LaRosa’s has had to adapt to changing consumer preferences over the 22 years Pete Buscani has been at the marketing helm.
  • The things Pete did during the pandemic to keep sales strong that he found useful to carry forward post the pandemic.
  • How Pete’s advertising experience (prior to joining LaRosa’s) has helped him be a better marketing leading the company.
  • What Pete feels is key to maintaining a solid agency-client relationship.
  • What some of the toughest challenges Pete has faced marketing the LaRosa’s brand to consumers and how he has overcome them.
  • Any advice he would give to marketers thinking about bringing a new agency on board?
  • And lastly, if an agency was trying to knock down his door and attempting to win business from him, the advice he would give them.

Thanks Pete for a great interview!