Case Studies

Mainstream Energy – Looking for a Lead Gen Agency

Mainstream Energy

With the market for renewable energy growing, Mainstream Energy needed to drive more leads into its funnel to support its need to grow its business.

Mainstream Energy was looking for a new agency that could effectively manage a number of different marketing service disciplines for two of their brands.  Their number one objective was to drive more leads into their business.

Search Requirements
According to Mainstream Energy, their current agency was not capable of creating an effective campaign capable of driving well qualified leads into the company.  They also felt like their current agency was not capable of developing a powerful campaign message for the brand.  They were in search of an agency that could not only address these issues, but also an agency that could bring solid media planning and buying skills to the table.  They also wanted an agency that was well-equipped to measure and analyze digital media performance – all things their current agency was either incapable of doing – or not interested in doing for Mainstream Energy.

Agency Selection
Having never managed a search in the alternative energy space, RSW/AgencySearch turned to its database of over 5,000 agencies to identify those agencies that were best suited to meet the needs of Mainstream Energy.  After an analysis of nearly 200+ agency websites, RSW/AgencySearch narrowed its search down to 30 that seemingly had solid experience needed for this assignment.  Pre-qualifying questions narrowed the list to 15.  Interviews narrowed the list to 7.  And the RSW/AgencySearch produced/client approved RFI dropped the list to 3 finalists that presented at MSE headquarters in California.  Ultimately, Guager won the review and was assigned AOR by MSE.

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