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Jazzercise – Looking for a Franchise-Focused Agency


The Jazzercise story is an interesting one.  It’s not a brand that historically has spent a lot of money or spent a lot of time maintaining the consistency of its brand equity….but that was about to change.

Jazzercise is a brand that has a long heritage, but has little consistency in how it presents itself to the market.  The brand was in need of an agency that could help it develop and maintain a new franchise portal to better control how the brand was represented across the thousands of franchisees across the U.S.  The agency that they had been using was nickel and diming them to death and didn’t really seem to have the right set of expertise to carry the brand where they needed to go.

Search Requirements
This search was a bit unusual, in that it was very specific to a defined need that Jazzercise had.  While having franchise experience was very important to the client, it was equally as important to know how to develop and maintain an effective franchise portal that could streamline how the Jazzercise business was run.  Given Jazzercise wasn’t a huge spender, it was also important to find an agency that could manage the relationship in an affordable and fiscally responsible manner.

Agency Selection
Having had some past experience in the franchise space, it was easier for us to look for agencies expert in franchise.  The next part was a bit tougher: defining the agency’s experience in the portal development and management space.  This isn’t something agencies broadcast on websites, so finding the right group of agencies wasn’t an easy task.  We started this search with a more tightly defined list of agencies and interviewed all of them to insure that those we brought in, met the criteria.  We selected the three that exhibited the strongest talents and then proceeded to let the client interview each agency.  Two of the three selected got the “nod” to come out to California to present.  Intermark ultimately won the business.


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