What Makes Us Different (and Better)

In addition to the work we do on the AgencySearch side of our business, we also represent close to 50 agencies on the RSW/US side of our business*, operating as their outsourced sales team. As a result, we have an intimate knowledge of the space from both sides – the agency and the marketer.

This perspective helps us better understand the right kinds of questions to ask agencies upfront, know when agencies are “blowing smoke”, and assess the level of expertise and knowledge an agency possesses in the areas of interest to the marketer.

In the end, this helps us determine which agencies are the right fit to address a marketer’s challenges and needs.

We use a “case study” approach to evaluating agencies. In addition to looking at their functional characteristics (e.g. size, type, location, experience), we examine the degree to which the agencies under consideration have successfully addressed challenges similar to your own.

We are continuously updating and refreshing our database via resources like the 4As, Ad Forum, and Clutch, as well as our own organic searches for firms new to the industry.

We run behavioral and attitudinal surveys among agencies and marketers 4-5 times a year to help us stay on top of the trends in the industry and the demands and needs of the marketer. These surveys also help us better understand expectation differences between marketers and agencies – which is of great benefit when we manage searches.

* Note: These agencies only get included in searches if they have an equal chance of winning the business.