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Quantifying COVID II: A Follow-Up Report

The Quantifying Covid II report is a follow-up from our first report published earlier this year.

As circumstances in the economy and our lives change so rapidly, we wanted to release this companion report, taking data from a follow-up survey completed by Senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives from May 8-12th, to gain comparative, as well as new insights.

With things in the marketplace so uncertain, we wanted to use this report to provide some measure of perspective to help you though things.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this study are of value as both marketers and agencies attempt to navigate the unknown factors inherent to our current business landscape.

Our Quantifying Covid II report covers spending impact, changing marketing tactics, changing marketer needs, how agencies view new business now, and what kind of client requests agencies are getting currently.  

Certainly some tough realities in our results, but also reasons for optimism-marketers and agencies know they must stay the course.  

This study was commissioned by RSW/AgencySearch and RSW/US.

RSW/AgencySearch is a no-cost/high-quality way to find better marketing agencies (of all types and sizes).

RSW/AgencySearch has managed over 40 searches for marketers across a range of industries located across the U.S. RSW/AgencySearch was founded in 2010.

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