Our Process & Methodology

We employ a very well organized and disciplined methodology to identify marketing agencies that can become long-standing partners with their marketing clients.

Step 1: Start Big!

We start by defining the scope of the search with the marketer. Once defined, we use the criteria outlined in the scope to search our database of 10,000 agencies and identify 100-150 agencies we believe meet the requirements for the search. Every site is reviewed thoroughly and from this review, the list is narrowed to approximately 30 agencies that appear to be a good fit.

Step 2: Qualify & Quantify

Pre-qualifying questions about the agency’s experience dealing with issues similar to the marketer’s challenges are shared with these 30 agencies. The marketing client is not revealed at this point in time.

Step 3: Interview First

From the list of 30 agencies, we narrow the list to 15 agencies that are interviewed. The marketing client name is not revealed.

Step 4: Dig Deep with the RFI

From this list of 15 agencies, we select the 7 that we believe bring the best experiences and expertise, aligning nicely with the needs of the marketer.

An RFI (request for information) is drafted by our team and shared with the marketing client for review and ultimate approval. The RFI is sent to the 7 finalist agencies.

Step 5: Evaluate Thoroughly

RSW/AgencySearch reviews all responses and shares the responses and their recommendations (for the 3 finalist agencies) with the marketing client.

Step 6: Define Pitch Challenge

RSWAgencySearch creates a “Challenge Document”, which outlines the requirements for the finalist agencies when they present (either “live” or via Zoom) to the client. The marketing client reviews and ultimately approves the Challenge Document.

Step 7: Q&A/Chemistry Check

In between the receipt of the Challenge Document and the final pitch presentation, RSW/AgencySearch organizes “Q&A/Chemistry Calls” with each of the finalist agencies separately (with the marketing client). These calls give the agencies an opportunity to learn more about the client’s business and clarify expectations for the final pitch presentation.

Step 8: Pitch & Select

RSW/AgencySearch manages all communication between the agencies and the marketing client. They organize all of the scheduling of meetings. And they attend the final pitch presentation to offer perspective to help in the selection of the winning agency.