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Nissan Leaf – A Special Project Need






This case study for Nissan Leaf is typical of the kind of project-based searches we do for companies – big and small.  Nissan had just launched its new Leaf brand and wanted to bring some fresh, specialized thinking in to manage one small part of the launch.

Nissan was looking to find an Agency to manage a component of their launch of the new Nissan Leaf (their first major play in the electric car market).  Nissan approached RSW/AgencySearch to help them find an Agency to fulfill what was a very narrowly focused search.

Search Requirements
Nissan wanted an Agency that could help them create, and obtain placement for curriculum in schools.  This same Agency also needed to be able to PR these efforts in the markets in which these curriculum placements took place.   After about a month of deep dives into the RSW/AgencySearch database and searching throughout the web, we unearthed a firm that was a complete lock in terms of their expertise and Nissan’s requirements.  Others were considered, but given the specificity of the requirements, none of the other agencies were worthy of the client’s time for consideration.

Agency Selection
RSW/AgencySearch presented Kaleidoscope, part of the Omnicom Global Agency Network.  After two or three meetings/calls with the Agency, Nissan selected Kaleidoscope to manage this portion of their business.  The selection was made in January, 2011 and the relationship continues.

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