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Mercy Health – Needing a Healthcare Agency to Help with Consolidation

Mercy Health

Mercy Health acquired another hospital system and needed to bring the two organizations together.  They needed an agency that not only had experience in healthcare, but also experience bringing together two firms.

Mercy Health was in the process of bringing together two hospital systems under a single Mercy Health brand identity and banner.  At the same time, the employed physician networks in both markets are also coming together under a unified brand identity.  One of the key challenges in bringing these two systems together was they each possessed different characters and personalities. One other key challenge was making it clear how the physician network in both markets fit in with the new Mercy Health system.

Search Requirements
Mercy Health was looking for an agency that was Midwest in location and had hospital system experience.  In addition, they wanted an agency that had solid digital/social experience in both strategy, planning, buying and analytics.  And finally, they were looking for an agency that had experience building campaigns that build awareness and a commitment to a brand both internally and externally.

Agency Selection
RSW/AgencySearch brought a good deal of experience in the healthcare space when starting this search.  In addition to helping Parrish Medical and University Hospitals, they also worked with Aspen Dental to help them find a new firm.  RSW/AgencySearch worked a large number of agencies through an initial screening process and eventually narrowed the search down to three finalist agencies, each of which presented at Mercy’s headquarters in Michigan.  The winning agency, Hart, was selected in part because the CMO of Mercy felt like Hart was already ramping up on their business.  A real win for Mercy and for Hart!

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