Marketer Website Scorecards

RSW/AgencySearch has been reviewing marketer websites for the past 12 years.

The importance of a marketer website can’t be minimized.  Too often marketers don’t use skilled resources to create the highest performing website.  If a marketer wants to attract new customers, drive more traffic to their sales people, and/or get more people to buy online, they have to go beyond just creating a cookie-cutter site.

It’s their storefront. It’s a home base that’s theirs to build as an accommodating and frictionless experience for their customers and consumers  looking to do business with them.

Too often, too many marketers don’t put all the energy into creating their sites that they should – or the agencies that are creating their sites fall short of delivering an exceptional, hard-working site.

Every month, we will evaluate three marketer website in a specific industry.

While many of the companies we will feature have solid sites, many still need some work.

Check back every month for a new review of marketer sites from different industries.

Click on any of the images below to get the complete view of what RSW/AgencySearch believes makes for a great education, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, retail, grocery, travel/leisure, restaurant, and consumer products website.

Each site is evaluated for its UX, results orientation, clarity & crispness, positioning definition, legitimacy, and consistency.