The 2011 New Business Report:  Client and Agency Perspective on Topics Related to Agency New Business was completed by 116 key Marketing decision makers and 110 Agency Principals from across the United States during September, 2011.  This study was commissioned by RSW/AgencySearch and RSW/US.

RSW/US serves as an outsourced lead generation/business development firm for marketing service agencies.

Its sister company, RSW/AgencySearch serves as a search service for Marketers looking for better Agencies.

The following provides an overall summary of findings as well as implications for Agencies throughout 2011.

The perspective provided will hopefully be of value to Agencies as they work to better their overall new business development program in 2011.

And the perspective will hopefully be helpful to Marketers as they consider new Agency partners as they head into 2012.

2011 Agency New Business Report



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