Marketers & Social Media Monitoring Survey:


Few would deny that Social Media is the most talked–‐about marketing opportunity in recent history, yet its value remains debated amongst marketers.

Does it influence purchase behavior? How should ROI be measured? What metrics actually matter?

What is Social Media Intelligence? Questions the digital marketing industry is trying to answer, including the many companies that provide Social Media Monitoring services.

The options for monitoring Social Media range from simple automatic search engine alerts (e.g. Google Alerts) to channel specific data queries and highly sophisticated research companies offering broad datasets masterfully collated and presented for a premium subscription.

There are no less than 150 companies providing some level of Social Media Monitoring services that allow marketers to better understand the intersection of their brand and consumers’ social behavior.

But with such vast options in this emerging channel we wondered how many marketers actually use these services and among those that did, what value they perceive?

The following is the result of a social media monitoring survey conducted in partnership with RSW/US in May & June of 2011, aimed at getting answers to such questions directly from digital marketing executives – 237 senior marketing executives participated in our survey.

2011 Marketers & Social Media Monitoring Survey



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