The 2011 New Business Report:  A Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies was completed by 174 key Marketing decision makers from across the United States during March, 2011.  This study was commissioned by RSW/AgencySearch.

The sample came from a database of 20,000+ Marketing decision makers.  Companies represented were of all sizes and types.  They included:  AT&T, Abbott, Volkswagon, Yamaha, Baxter, Citi, Basco, Progressive, Moen, Auntie Anne’s, Meineke, Baptist, and Premera, among others.

Among the key findings includes:  67% of Marketers do not (on the whole) think digital firms can survive as “digital only” – believing they need to deliver more full service offerings if they are going to maintain relevance.

A Look Ahead at Agencies



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