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First Entertainment Credit Union Needed a Better Website Presence

First Entertainment Credit Union

The First Entertainment Credit Union situation is typical of many marketer-agency relationships.  The relationship lasts for years, everyone likes each other, but one day the marketer wakes up and realizes that their web presence stinks and their agency isn’t capable of taking them to the next leve.

First Entertainment Credit Union was in need of fresh perspective and a new website to bring their brand to life.  The company had been working with the same agency for the past 25+ years.  The agency was small (n=5) and not terribly sophisticated when it came to things related to technology and analytics advancements.  If First Entertainment was going to compete effectively long-term with the growing number (and popularity) of credit unions, they needed to make a change.

Search Requirements
First Entertainment was looking for an agency that had very specific experience in the credit union space.  They also wanted to centralize the search in/around the state of California.  Recognizing that focusing only on California would prove a tough task, RSW/AgencySearch convinced the client to broaden his search and look for best-in-class agencies in this space, west of the Mississipi.  The client agreed.

Agency Selection
RSW/AgencySearch reviewed every agency west of the Mississippi that reported having credit union experience.  While many agencies state they have specific experience in categories, in many instances, the experience really doesn’t amount to much.  Like most searches run by RSW/AgencySearch, pre-qualifying questions are sent to agencies that seemingly have good credentials.  Lists are narrowed down post interviews directly with the agencies and ultimately, three agencies are selected to present their ideas and capabilities at the headquarters of First Entertainment Credit Union.  IQAgency from Atlanta was ultimately selected to lead the charge in advancing First Entertainment’s move forward into the digital space.


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