Case Studies

Duck Tape – Looking for a Digital Agency

Duck Tape

This is a story about Duck Tape and their effort to dial up their digital marketing initiatives.  They liked their long-term agency, but they needed something more.

Shurtech, the parent company of Duck brand tape, was in need of finding a new digital marketing agency to support their Duck brand business. Duck’s previous agency had serviced their account for a good number of years, but the brand team felt that they weren’t doing a great job keeping them ahead of the digital and social curve. Duck had a huge number of followers, but little was being done to capitalize on the brand fans’ enthusiasm. They felt a change was in order.

Search Requirements
Duck was looking for an independent agency that either focused exclusively on digital with a full understanding of what it meant to integrate their digital and social activity into the balance of the brand’s plans – or a full service agency that had a very solid bench in the digital and social space.

Agency Selection
RSW/AgencySearch reviewed the credentials of both digital-only and full service agencies, carrying them through a rigorous RFI process to assess the degree to which they had dealt with issues similar to those facing Duck. 15 agencies were initially interviewed. 7 were ultimately presented with the RFI with 4 of the 7 presenting at Duck’s headquarters. Brunner (a full service agency) was ultimately selected to represent the Duck brand.


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