Agency Search Firm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Agency Search Firm

How long does it take to complete a search?
Typically about 2 months from start of relationship with RSW/AgencySearch to your selecting a new firm.

How does RSW/AgencySearch find agencies?
We have a database of over 10,000 agencies of all types and sizes across the US.  Our agency search firm is reaching out to these and other firms every week…every day…so we have a good handle on where the talent is and how to best match it up with your needs.

What categories has RSW/AgencySearch worked in?
Consumer packaged goods, franchise, retail, banks & credit unions, technology, wine/spirits, communications, healthcare, building/real estate, QSR, consumer durables, B2B, sports/entertainment, automotive, energy products, among others.

Can the Marketer look for firms too?
Yes, but because we commit so much of our time upfront without being paid, we have our marketing partners sign a partnership agreement that asks that we will be the sole provider of agencies for the search.  If an agency comes to you, and you’re interested in speaking with them, we ask that you send them to us so we can contact them.  Or if you have a list of agencies upfront you’d like us to review or contact, we can certainly do that too.

Are there any other requirements of the Marketer?
Yes, two other small ones.  If you discontinue the search after we’ve started our efforts, there will be a small fee for cancellation ($5K).  And when you make your final selection, we ask that you share the agreement with us so we can have some visibility of what the agency’s being paid.

Who manages the agency search?
Our President, Mark Sneider manages all searches.  He started the company in 2005 so he’s been managing agency-marketer relationships for a long time.  He also brings both 10 years of CPG marketing and 10 years of marketing service expertise to the table.

If there is no charge to the Marketer, how does RSW/AgencySearch make its money?
We make our money by charging a small commission of the winning agency.

How much is RSW/AgencySearch’s commission that they charge the agency?
We charge the agency 10% of revenue (not billings) for the first year of the  relationship (paid in Quarters), then we go away.  It’s usually a relatively small amount in the grand scheme of budgets so it never has any impact on the marketer’s cost of doing business with the agency.

What happens if the relationship goes South?  Does RSW/AgencySearch still get paid?
Fortunately, this has never happened…and all the relationships we’ve brought together have been very solid.  That said, our contract states that if for any reason the relationship ceases during the first year, we stop getting paid and pay back any over payments to the agency.

What’s the next step in the process?
If there’s interest in speaking with an agency search consultant, please contact us and we can schedule a call to discuss your current situation.