RSW is the No-Cost Way to Find Best-in-Class Marketing Agencies (of any type, size, location)

  • We are no cost to you because we make our money by taking a small commission from the winning agency. While our model may be different, the end result is great. Both agencies and marketers find real value in working with our firm.

  • We build all searches custom to the needs of the marketer – every agency involved has an equal shot of winning the business and every agency we’ve approached to be a part of a search has participated.

  • We are a Nationally recognized, 4As listed agency search firm that has helped over 40 marketers find great agency partners since our founding in 2010.

  • Our agency search consultants have worked as marketers and in agencies, so they understand the dynamics of the industry.

  • We have worked across a range of categories, so the variety of experiences proves a great assist in every search.

  • We have an active database of over 10,000 agencies of all types, sizes, and locations so we’ll get a complete view of all the possible agency options.

  • We know how to dive deeper, make smarter strategic selections, and better shepherd the process to help find the best firms.

  • Our marketing clients are consistently happy with our work and the new relationships they’ve established with their agency partners!

Our Agency Search Consultants Have Helped Brands Big and Small Find Best-in-Class Marketing Agencies

What Our Marketing Clients
Say About Working With Us as their Ad Agency Search Consultant

“RSW/AgencySearch did a great job of finding the perfect agency for our business.  The winning agency identified by RSW/AgencySearch was the absolute right fit for my needs.”

“Working with RSW/AgencySearch, we were able to save time and money while also finding a great marketing agency partner.”

“The team at RSW/AgencySearch made the process of selecting a new firm very easy.  I would recommend RSW/AgencySearch to anyone looking to find a new agency.”

“RSW/AgencySearch provided an excellent list of agency choices that led to our final selection.”

“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical coming in — particularly given they were free.  But they vetted agencies thoroughly to only bring the best set of firms to the table.  Would definitely recommend them to any marketer.”

“It was great working with RSW/AgencySearch.  They worked diligently to provide us with a list of qualified agencies and ultimately we were able to find a great marketing partner.”

“I worked with RSW/AgencySearch on two separate occasions in two separate companies and in both cases, they delivered a great set of agencies during the search!  The process was simple and effective and saved us so much time.”

“Mark was hands-on and made the process of finding a new agency so painless and simple.  His process was organized and professional.”

“Mark put together a very professional and comprehensive search plan, which led us to hiring a prominent firm.”

Finding Better Agencies Blog – Insights to Improve Your Own Agency Search Efforts

  • Agency Search: Don’t Hire a Dog to do Your Own Barking
    by Mark Sneider on September 15, 2023 at 10:23 am

    Was with a prospective agency client the other day on the lead generation side of our business and he made the comment “don’t hire a dog and then do your own barking” – in his world meaning, don’t hire a firm to help you with new business and then dictate what’s to be done.  He...

  • Reasons to Look for a New Firm
    by Mark Sneider on July 26, 2023 at 3:26 pm

    Marketers typically come to RSW/AgencySearch for one of a few reasons: They feel like their current marketing agency isn’t keeping them ahead of the curve.  The marketer wants to move forward, but the agency is stuck back in time. They’re a small fish in a big agency pond.  It sounded good and comfortable going with...

  • Pesky Pitch Process Part II
    by Mark Sneider on July 19, 2023 at 9:11 pm

    I posted last week on the pitch process in part 1 of the Pesky Pitch Process.  Little did I know that this week, the 4As would be publishing their own survey report on the topic.  You can download the report here. Tell ya’ what, pitches must really be getting under the skin of marketers and...

  • Pesky Pitch Process
    by Mark Sneider on July 14, 2023 at 10:44 am

    Globally, 86% of agency respondents find the agency pitch process excessively time and cost exhaustive and 64% of agency respondents find pitching damaging to agency culture. Funny how things haven’t changed – a post I wrote about a year ago with same exact issues. Not a great way to start off an agency-client relationship –...

  • Small Fish Big Pond? Or Big Fish in Little Pond?
    by Mark Sneider on July 7, 2023 at 3:06 pm

    You never want to be either of these things…stuck in any kind of pond.  But it happens and when it does, you can’t let it languish because it’s going to put you and your business behind. Small Fish in Big Pond Just got off the phone this morning with a marketer looking for a new...

  • Figured Out AI Yet?
    by Mark Sneider on June 28, 2023 at 8:57 pm

    So here is what ChatGPT tells me AI is good for (as it relates to your world, Marketers) – a good read and helpful read: AI for marketing can be a powerful strategy to enhance various aspects of your marketing campaigns and drive better results. Here are several ways you can leverage AI in your...