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2021 Marketing Technology Survey Report

The 2021 Marketing Technology Survey Report is a great guide for marketers to help better their business through the selection of the best marketing technology tools and to help them assess the degree to which their agency is keeping them ahead of the technology curve.

This survey is one of the many surveys we sponsor annually and was conducted among marketers and agencies during the April/May 2021 time period.

The survey was sent to our database of 10,000+ marketing agencies and 20,000+ marketers.

We asked Marketers a short series of questions about their use of marketing technology platforms to better their marketing efforts, how their use of marketing technology tools has changed over the years, and how they expect this to change in the years to come.

We also explored questions relative to their agencies and the degree to which they felt their agencies were staying ahead of the curve in the marketing technology space.

We also asked agencies about the tools they’re using for the benefit of their clients. The purpose of surveying agencies was to not only determine, in broad terms, how they were using marketing technology and how they see that changing over time, but to also understand what tools they are using and the value (or lack thereof) they perceive in tools across a range of categories.

Agencies were asked questions about usage of technology tools across 19 different categories, from Data Visualization, to CRM, to Audience Analytics.

There were asked to share the specific tools they were using in each of these 19 categories and rate their satisfaction with these tools.

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