Industry Survey Report

2019 New Year Outlook Report

The 2019 RSW/AgencySearch New Year Outlook Report was completed by 115 senior level Marketers and 158 Marketing Agency executives during December, 2018.

The purpose of the survey was to glean insights relative to marketer and agency perspective as they each headed into 2019.

Our hope is that these insights and perspective provided from both sides of the fence will give marketers and their agencies the tools they need to better their marketing efforts.

These reports always unearth some surprises and this year’s report is no different.  There are plenty of examples of where marketers and agencies see eye-to-eye when no one ever expected that to be the case.  And then there are times when marketers and agencies couldn’t be further apart!

Topics explored in the 2019 New Year Outlook Report included “biggest challenges facing marketing agencies” as seen through the eyes of marketers and agencies. Also probed were topics related to spending and investment expectations, the growth of specialty agencies, the importance of measuring ROI (which marketers and agencies don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on), and the ever increasing importance of data and analytics.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this report are of value as you optimize your relationship with your agency in 2019.

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