This is the 5th annual Agency-Marketer Business Report. This report presents comparable data that is available across all four previous surveys, providing insight on trends in key areas over the years.

Over 5,000 Agency executives nationwide had the opportunity to participate in this 2017 survey. On the Marketer side, over 10,000 marketing decision makers were enlisted.

The market is obviously changing at a rather rapid pace. Finding the right agency for your business is no easy task. Your time is limited and oftentimes many agencies look alike.

And maintaining a solid and productive long-term relationship with an agency can also prove challenging. Ideally the relationship is one where there is great collaboration, a good deal of sharing, and a continuous feeling like it’s the first day of the engagement.

While the opportunities for new business for agencies continue to grow, it appears that agencies are having a harder time breaking through to you, the marketer – in part because you have so little time, and in part because there are hundreds of agencies trying to knock down your door every day.

Our hope is the key findings and implications of the study presented in this report provide value to you as you develop your plans for 2018, look for new agencies in the New Year, and strengthen your existing agency relationships.

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