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Need A New Agency?

RSW/AgencySearch will help you find it.

We are an agency search consultant designed differently.

Our goal is to put a group of best-in-class agencies in front of you that are hard to choose from, because so many are so good.

We commit 2 months to the search process, from start to finish, with no guarantee of payment to us* unless you find an agency you absolutely love.

  • Our agency search firm brings decades of marketing and agency experience to our disciplined process.
  • We have helped nationally recognized brands since 2010.
  • We manage project or AOR searches with marketing budgets $500k+.
  • We know where the best talent is, with our database of over 10k agencies.

* We make our money by taking a small commission from the winning agency.

We’ve helped these great marketers find best-in-class agencies!

Here’s How We Do It

Our Proven Three-Phase Agency Search Consultant Process

Phase I: Discovery/Scope of Search Definition (1 week)

Our agency search firm conferences with you to understand your goals and objectives for the search.  Following this discovery, a scope-of-search document is developed and approved by you prior to the start of this search.  This serves as our road map for finding the best agencies for your business.

Phase II: Agency Research/Interviews & RFI Submissions (3 weeks)

We identify approximately 200 agencies that appear to have the criteria of what we’re looking for.  We review all their websites and other public information about them.  We narrow the list down to 30 agencies that appear to be solid fits.  We send pre-qualifying questions to these agencies, then ultimately interview agencies that specifically meet the criteria defined in the Scope of Search. At the end of this period the following will be delivered:

  • 6-10 Agency responses to the RSW/AgencySearch created/client approved RFI
  • RSW/AgencySearch perspective/recommendations for each Agency.  Final agency list for pitches will typically be 2-3.

Phase III: Pitch Management/Final Pitches/Agency Selection (4-5 weeks)

During this phase, we will shepherd the 2-3 agencies through the pitch and final selection process.

RSW/AgencySearch will offer counsel/insight into the final selection of the winning agency.

RSW/AgencySearch will notify agencies not selected and outline rationale for selection.


Mark is a 30-year veteran of the marketing and marketing services community.

Having worked as both a Marketer and on the advertising side of the business (and now representing both Marketers and Agencies at RSW/US) Mark brings experience and insights that no other search firm delivers.

He not only understands the demands and needs of Marketers, but also knows how to more effectively evaluate talent on the Agency side and glean the best possible output from Agencies to support the searches his company manages.

Bohan wins AOR assignment to help
revitalize the Stein Mart brand!

RSW/AgencySearch led
the search process for Stein Mart,
one of the nation’s leading
retail brands.

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